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Doggy For Life (38): 3 years old


Oh wat een mooi hondje… Once Upon a Time a man with a desperate heart wish with a vacant place in his heart, the size of a castle, wished for someone who would always stay with him, who he could give all the love in the world and than he bit the apple… (yeah we can all dream right 😉 ) Little did she knew at the moment of birth, when she saw the first light of life, when she was born into a litter of little brothers and sisters doggies, that she would be loved beyond her wildest dreams.

Where her brothers and sisters were all playfully running around, learning bite controle and getting the most food, she was a bit afraid of the unknown, shy and on her own. Although she had all the potential and more to become a super doggy, she just had to meet the one that would see all that potential in her. And so it happend that a man came by and the first gaze in each others eyes, struck them with love at first sight. She was chosen over all others.

What followed was a time of rollercoaster emotions. She was taken, still very scared, to her new home where she was showered with attention, lots of love and cuddles. The temple of coffee, whipped cream and bread with slices of salami, also known as the kitchen, would be her favorite place to be. He taught her new rules, new flavors of food, gave her new toys and a bed all for her self, took her for long walks and looked the other way when she had to pee and mark her newfound domain.

The scary little pup grew up to become a self confident little doggy, loved by all, feared behind the front door by many mailmen, cause even in a fairy tale, everyone gets mail 😉 Soon, by love and delicious food, she grew up to the Queen of his castle and never ever lost her topmodel figure at 5 kg…

And on this wonderfull day he took her to a place in Wonderland, where delicious meat sits on shelves, just waiting to be grabbed; where toys of all sizes and colors draw you in and invite you to play with them, where frozen salmon and other fish can’t wait to jump into your basket and many delicious snacks dance around you, waiting to be eaten. A true heaven for a loved Jack Russell. Three years of love already… They grow up so fast, hé 😉

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  1. Ha, geweldig geschreven. Als ze dit ook eens wist, en zie haar kijken naar je terwijl je die foto neemt. Proficiat! Nog vele jaren trouwe vriendschap voor de boeg. 🙂

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  2. Proficiat met haar verjaardag.

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  3. Happy birthday.

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